Art is an instinct – it is the way I free myself from everyday life and escape to a world of my own thoughts – inner being. I am continually trying to enhance my abilities with sincere observations and experimentation; evaluating and repeating beauty and truth, past and present; creating unrhetorical feelings, and engaging the imagination. The art is a playfulness of an inner creative spirit.

Alena Valova

Brief Biography – Empirical Data

I was born in Europe in 1967. I came to Canada at age 22 – to Edmonton – the city I have resided ever since. Being a refugee from a communist country (former Czechoslovakia) did not make the transition easy. After I took on several different occupations to provide life’s necessities, I wanted to dedicate myself to more meaningful work. My interest in art and admiration for technology led me to the profession of graphic design. Completing a Visual Communication Course at Grant McEwan College started my career which I’ve done for many years.

As a graphic design career provided material security for me, creating art filled my soul. My paintings always reflected my emotional state and only in the past few years have I become fully aware of how my internal struggles influenced the subjects, colours and styles of my paintings. I also realized how fortunate I am to have a gift to express myself through art. I sincerely wish that my creations bring joy and beauty into the lives of others as well.