Title: Universal Fertility

Size: 30″ x 48″

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

(Personal Collection)

About Universal Fertility: I have been wondering why the fish represent that futile energy which is a precursor of manifestation. But I think I reached the answer. Besides the fact that there are numerous types of fish, they have just as many ways of life. There are ugly fish and there are beautiful fish, it only depends on a perception of a viewer. There are other reasons why the fish is a perfect symbol of fertility, subconscious and Universal manifestation, but I will stop here, so the reader can explore this symbol on their own and come to their subjective conclusions. After all, that’s how symbols function, they speak to our personal experiences.

Metallic paint is an incredibly rewarding medium. There used to be basic colours – gold silver and brass- as metallics, but recently I discovered that many other colours are enriched with metallic effects. This painting contains metallic green and if the surface of the painting faces light at a certain angle, the colours come alive.