Title: Protection

Size: 30″ x 48″

Medium: Mixed Media on Fabric

Price: CA$ 890

About: This is such a beautiful creation. I started this painting as an experiment mixing regular paint with metallic. I had no intention as far as the image goes, I just wanted to create an interesting background using a specific colour range. I even left empty spots on the fabric to which the paint was applied. When the paint dried I was taken by the texture and perfect yet accidental distribution of colour tones. I knew there will be some shapes added to the painting, but I didn’t what at that time.

A couple of weeks later, when I was walking to the store I spot interesting leaves crossing my path. I picked one up and look around to find the tree they came from. A few feet away was the bush with similar leaves and bundles of little red berries. “How interesting!” I thought. At that moment I knew that this was the perfect subject for the painting. Additionally, I looked up the name of the bush, and the symbolism behind it, because nothing is a coincidence and I finished the painting.