The year of defined Art Style

Collection of paintings this year carry a botanical theme and particular art style. The year 2023 ended an important chapter of my artistic endeavour. It marked a huge change in my general perspective on life. I know, it is a big statement, but something profound shifted in my inner and therefore in my external world as well.

Big Change

The big change that relates directly to my art, is that I have found my style. After many years of switching, trying and exploring different media and painting styles, I have now settled on media which best reflects my life journey and what it made me. Interestingly enough, there is another parallel between my art style and the inner way of being: from my previous experiences with different media I carried over the texture paste, but I now use it in my unique way.

Knowing vs. Artificial Positivity

The subject of my paintings and colours were also readjusted, and I now concentrated on beauty rather than pain and frustrations. Don’t get me wrong, I am not denying negative experiences or disregarding emotions, but rather seeing them as learning opportunities. And that, my friends, has shifted me on a completely new trajectory – the state of inner balance.