It was quite difficult to arrange my skills into categories for this website because I feel they really spring from the same talent and the need to create beautiful things. But to make the viewer journey easier I separated my creations into 3 areas: Fine art, Graphic Design and Fashion Designs. Hopefully, by viewing all 3 you will be able to perceive my true creative persona.

Therefore in this page I’d lie to provide you with few basic facts about my existence in this physical realm.

As a Person

Born in Europe, I came to Canada – city, Edmonton, when I was 22 years old as a refugee from a communist country (former Czechoslovakia). After several different occupations that provided me with life necessities, I was ready to dedicate myself to more meaningful work. My interest in art and admiration for technology led me to a profession of a graphic designer. The completion of the Visual Communication CoursatGrant McEwan College started my years-long career. As any creative person graphic design wasn’t a sufficient tool to express my creative need. There was an inner world I had an urge to put on canvas or paper. My feelings, my pain, my frustration, my longing for beauty was the drive to create art beside the graphic projects.