As an Artist

Art is an instinct – a way to free my self from everyday life and escape to the world of my own thoughts and soul. I am continually trying to enhance my abilities with sincere observations and experimentation; evaluating and repeating beauty and truth, past and present; creating unrhetorical feelings, and engaging the imagination. The art is a playfulness of an inner creative spirit.

When I first started painting, my preliminary endeavors consisted of drawing observed objects in a very realistic way. Over time, as I matured emotionally and spiritually, I developed a different approach toward my passion for creativity. My gentle gift grew into more than merely recording reality. It gradually became a way for me to honestly express my most intimate emotions. Still comfortably using a realistic style, I began to allow my brushes to incorporate or examine the underlying expressive content of my subjects, enriching these beautiful little things with emotional adventure.

Brushes and paint are the essence of my thoughts. The colors themselves reflect the emotional richness, the elevated spirit, and captured the drama of living. It is a healing process; a radiant form of meditation that fabricates these compelling images, enabling me and my audience to observe and re-live these experiences again and again.

I wasn’t aware of a connection between my art and the content of my subconscious until the last few years. The journey of getting to “know myself” has been painful, but rewarding. Contemplations and method of dream analogy taught by Pierre Grimes Ph.D. pulled me out of my ignorance. It has been n incredible journey captured in my book: “The Role of Dreams in Self-Cultivation”. (click here for a Sample Chapter)