Silk Dying

Oh, batik is so much fun! The process, the material, the colours, and most importantly the sense of unexpected results. Well, the acid dye brings the intentional results but besides the die, there is a need for specific- quite pricy- equipment. The results of other forms of dying are unpredictable. And that’s the magic! So I experimented for a while until I created a few nice pieces. My curiosity and eagerness to learn this magical process took me through a long learning curve. But I was limited to a warm part of the year only. After a few months, the weather went to hell and I couldn’t work with hot wax inside. The fumes were getting too strong and started affecting my health. And that is the unfortunate side-effect of living in a cold country like Canada.

Inspired by the Eastern Indian style, I created my own floral design for the scarf. It has a very happy and energetic feel to it that really warms me up. I used fiber reactive dye for this scarf and it it was one of my first experiments to figure out the process by which I would get unique results by combining the unpredictability of a dye with defining the intended shapes.

My very first batik creation. The piece that will stay as the most cherished creation of those I made in recent years.