PowerPoint Presentation

(selected slides – not complete presentation)

BHC serves small businesses and individuals. Often the customer waits in a store/reception area while their hose is being assembled. This is a great opportunity for BHC to communicate to customers via presentations played on a video monitor. The purpose of the presentation is to introduce the seasonal products, current deals and to provide light entertainment. 

Monthly Essentials

Monthly Essentials, as the name indicates, is a monthly published flyer that introduces deals and seasonal products. These flyers give the sales personal another reason to visit with customers and build relationships.

Product Spec

As the Monthly Flyer has rather advertising purpose, the Product Spec Sheet has more While the Monthly Flyer is more for advertising purposes, the Product Spec Sheet is intended to provide technical information. To make the facts stand out, I kept the visual design elements minimal to avoid distraction. 

Ads and Product Labels

The Shop area in BHC is filled with useful The Shop area in BHC is filled with useful merchandise. And customers can easily find all of the information about each product.

Moving Campaign

The relocation of the Calgary branch was a great opportunity for me, as a creative person, to introduce adapter cartoon characters to the company and also to customers. They were quite popular. While amusing and lighthearted, they were very effective attention grabbers. 

Adapter Characters

After the branch relocation, the characters were incorporated into several other projects. They made it into the newsletters, PowerPoint template and training materials. They are slowly becoming part of the BHC brand as an icon of friendliness, fun and kindred spirit.

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