In February 2021 I was brought on board with Bosch Hydraulic Connections Ltd. My first assignment was to produce images of their products and populate the e-commerce website. 

In getting familiar with Bosch’s past marketing material, I recognized a need for more than just the store setup. I have been learning all about hydraulic products and simultaneously putting together material that would lift and unify the brand. The original marketing material mostly consisted of product specs from various suppliers. There was a clear need to unify their product line literature.

While I’ve been concentrating my efforts primarily as a photographer and storefront administrator, I have been able to take on other marketing projects. Below is a visual snapshot of each project, accompanied by a short description of the intended purpose. 

The first project is the online store and it is still under construction. As I was adding category thumbnails, I encountered issues with the image holders in the store template. The issue has not been resolved yet by the theme creators.

Link to the website:

Company Overview brochure - Inside

Company Overview Brochure – Cover

There are two main brochures that are a must to have: the brochure describing the company and the brochure that introduces products and services. Both should contain information that is presented in a clear and organized matter. The usage of the same or similar visual elements keep the literature consistent.

Company Overview brochure - Cover

Company Overview Brochure – Content

The intention behind the Company brochure is to project a professional image while maintaining a friendly tone. It was important to keep in mind that the target audience is that of hard-working people who appreciate simplicity and bold facts. 

  • Product Overview - cover page
    Product Overview - cover page

Product Brochure

(selected pages – not complete brochure)

BHC sells hydraulic fittings and provides hose/fitting assembly services. Often customers are not aware that besides common adapters, BHC offers other related products. The Product Brochure is a great way to introduce the full spectrum of product line. It is an especially helpful tool for sales representatives meeting potential customers. 

The challenge with this brochure was the category structure. In an ideal scenario, the business software, website, and brochure would present the product categories in the same way, and in the same order. However, for outside sales, the product groups were instead organized by the industry sector to which the customers belong.

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