Website development has undergone an enormous change in past decade. There are new roles, new terminology and a lot of new knowledge when it comes to website development. 

The role of a traditional graphic designer has evolved into the role of “UI designer”. I can assure you, that a graphic designer is very comfortable in UI designer’s shoes. The only additional requirement for a designer is knowing what to hand over to a developer. 

For smaller businesses that do not require complex sites, there are affordable options for obtaining one. They are called:  Content management systems. I have used them for clients who required a quick presence on the web without draining their marketing budgets.

I need to make one thing clear, however.  Some Content management systems make a false promise that a site can be built by anyone and in about an hour. Even though the templates do make the technical aspect of building the site easier, they don’t replace the need for basic web development knowledge, quality graphic assets, and user-friendly design (ability to structure the information in a way that is logical and predictable)


Carol Watamaniuk Website

Carol Watamaniuk

This website was created for a jewelry artist. The purpose of this site was to show the artist’s amazing jewelry collections and open the door for conversation. Photographing and editing the photos was the most exciting stage of this project.

The website was built in WordPress.

This project also included Carol’s Identity design.

P.S: I no longer administer the website and domain, therefore the domain forwarding is not set up properly.

Fearless Kitten

Apparel Store

This e-commerce website was originally built in Shopify, but later re-built in Woo-commerce. The main product is apparel with images directed towards cat lovers.

The project also included Brand design.

Bosch Hydraulic Connections Ltd.

Parts Store

This e-commerce store was built on the Big Commerce platform. The store is still in the development stage and my role has been to set up the storefront and populate products with images. Photography and photo editing have been the main focus of this project..

Helen Rogers

Website for Mozaic Artist

Unfortunately, while this website was very visually appealing and interesting to create, it is no longer being published.

Inkubate Packaging

Website for small packaging company

When I was assigned this project, the website was already partially built. I added icons, images and re-arranged the content for an improved user experience. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to bring it to completion. There are 2 things this website still desperately needs: copywriting and template update.


Website for Accupacture practitioner

Even though this website is no longer being published, I learned a valuable lesson on this project: not everyone is capable enough or interested in keeping up with technical advances. It’s unfortunate.

Instagram Campaign for Jewelry Artist

App Letter Farm