Despite the many opinions that differ from mine, I still believe that a good graphic designer has an inborn artistic talent. The software does not replace the actual creative genius of a designer.

For me, this career choice was based on my admiration of art and technology—the winning combination. The journey of a graphic designer wasn’t as fulfilling as I was hoping it to be. On one hand, I have learned a great deal about software, coding, printing processes, and problem-solving, but the creative aspect was often blocked by the subjective views of people who controlled projects. Not speaking that “budget” and “time” were always an issue so only very few projects could be brought to their full potential.

Nevertheless, I’ve learned many “real” life lessons by being a graphic designer. One of the most valuable ones was, that even the most incredible talent doesn’t bring a person overall fulfillment if he/she doesn’t already hold the right subconscious beliefs such as confidence, courage, boldness, self-respect, and the belief that everything is possible. Yes, the positive subconscious belief system is the one and only foundation of a fulfilling life.


or in other words, a selection of designs that sticks out